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16-ch Dry-Contact I/O Peer-to-Peer – ready Over 1KM Range

Main Features
Simple Dry-Contact I/O Solution
8-ch Isolated Digital Input
Digital filter built-in
5 to 50VDC Input Range
8-ch Relay output
Isolated Communication Port
Over 1KM, Communication Range
Peer-to-Peer operation ready
10 to 48VDC operation power
Dual CAT5 simple wiring
Watchdog protection
Fits tasks that Wireless solution doesn’t
DIN-RAIL Mounting ready

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The IA-3886-5 is a simple Dry-Contact I/O solution, with a widened operation performance on most device’s features. Its Digital Input operational range is of 5 to 50VDC. the Relay contact maximum allowed Voltage is 200VDC, 10W, the recommended Power Source voltage range is 10 to 48VDC and the maximum communication distance is over 1KM. This capable module can be used as an Industrial Remote Controller, as a field wiring expansion, as a Peer-to-Peer stand-alone solution and much more. The IA-3886-5 unit features 8 Isolated Digital Inputs that may be used both as a Dry-Contact input and as a Wet-Contact input in the range of 5 to 50VDC. Each device includes an Isolated RS-485 port that can be easily expanded by its CAT5 ports, as well as through its screw terminal block, or by the USB/Ethernet interface modules. The IA-3886-ia5 Digital Inputs include a Low Frequency counter, and a Digital Filter that can easily control the device Signal respond, being able to choose a fast respond for better counting performance or a slow respond, ignoring spikes and other noisy environment signals. The software support includes DOT.net Library, setting and configuration utilities, as well as open source software examples for fast and easy system implementation.
    IA-3886-ia5: 16-ch Dry-Contact I/O solution 10 to 48VDC, over 1KM range.
    IA-3800-ia5-U: USB ia5/232/485 Interface unit 10 to 48VDC, over 1KM range.
    IA-3801-ia5-E: Ethernet ia5/232/485 Interface 10 to 48VDC, over 1KM range.


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