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Category Image Data Acquisition Monitoring & Control Data Acquisition & Control Hardware generally performs one or more of the following functions: analog input, analog output, digital input, digital output and counter/timer functions.
Category Image Electronic Enclosure Wide range of electronic enclosure solutions, hand held, 19 Inch, Box, etc.
Category Image Embedded Products Embedded PC/104 Modules, Solid State Disks, Embedded Solutions
Category Image Industrial Communications Multi-Port Cards, Modbus, CAN, Serial Communications
Category Image Industrial Computers Industrial Computers includes:
Category Image Industrial Vision Wide range of frame grebber, picute multiplexing, etc.
Category Image Lab Accessories Universal Programmers/Erazers, Sensors, Bus Extenders
Category Image Motion Control Stepper Motor Controllers, Drivers, Motors, Servo Motor Controllers.
Category Image Panel PC Super slim panel PC's that fits any applicaion, with wide selection of sizes, features and echnology
Category Image Software Solutions HMI/SCADA Software Solutions, ActiveX Modules, OPC Server, Windows CE Solutions, Third Party Drivers
Category Image Solid State Disks Solid State Disks, Adapters, CompactFlash, SmartMedia
Category Image Web Automation Web Based Automation Systems, Webcon2000 Series, Home Appliances, Kiosk Solutions