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DVP-1410 1 Channel MPEG 1, 2, 4 Video Encoder Module
DVP-1412E 1 Channel USB MPEG-4 Video Encoding Module
DVP-5311D Video (DVI-DVI), Control and Data Transmission Extender
DVP-7010BE 4 Channel PCI-Bus Video Capture Card
DVP-7020A 4 Channel PCI Video Capture Card
DVP-7420 4 Channel MPEG 1/2/4 Video Encoding Card with 128-byte EEPROM, GPIO and PCI Interface
DVP-7421BE Four Channel Triplex MPEG-1/2/4 Video Capture Card
DVP-7636E 4-ch H.264 PCIe Video Capture Card with SDK
DVR-510 Smart DVR with 4 Channel MPEG
FMS-3154R Web-enabled Digital Video Server
PV-1000E Full-Motion MPEG-4 Digital Video and Audio Surveillance Kit 16 Channel
PV-2000E Full-Motion H.264 Digital Video and Audio Surveillance Kit 4 Channel
PV-600E 30 FPS Digital Video Surveillance Kit 4-Channel
PXD Frame Grabber Family Finally, an easy, accurate, affordable digital video capture solution ... with no hidden extras.
VBOX-3200 2U Web-enabled 8/16-port Digital Video Server