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ACP-2020 2U Rackmount Short Depth Chassis for ATX and mATX Motherboard
ACP-4020 Compact 4U Rackmount Chassis for Half-size SBC or ATX/MicroATX Motherboard
ACP-4340 4U Rackmount Chassis for Full-size SHB/SBC or ATX/MicroATX Motherboard with 4 SAS/SATA HDD Trays
ACP-4D00 Dual-Node 350mm Depth 4U Chassis for Half-Sized Slot SBC
ARK-6610 Compact Embedded Chassis for Mini-ITX Motherboard
ARK-6620 Pentium M Grade Mini-ITX Chassis (Coming Soon, Available in March)
ARK-6622 Compact Embedded Mini-ITX Chassis with One Expansion Slot
HPC-7120 1U Short Depth Server Chassis for MicroATX/ATX/EATX Server board with 2 x 2.5" Hot-swap Drive Bays
HPC-7242 2U Rackmount Chassis for ATX Motherboard with 4 Hot-Swap SAS/SATA HDD Trays and RPS
HPC-7320 3U Short-depth Rackmount/Wallmount/Tower Chassis for EATX/ATX/MicroATX Motherboard
HPC-7480 4U Tower/Rackmount Chassis for EATX Serverboard with 8 Hot-swap Hard Drive Cages
IPC-120 Cost Effective Compact 1U Rackmount Chassis for Half-size SBC
IPC-3026 6-Slot Desktop/ Wallmount Chassis for Half-Size SBC
IPC-5120 Compact Desktop/Wallmount Chassis with Front I/O Interfaces & Expansion Slots for Micro ATX Motherboard
IPC-5122 Desktop/Wallmount Chassis for MicroATX Motherboard with PS/2 Power Supply
IPC-6006 PC-bus Card Cage with 6-slot PCA-6106 ISA-bus Passive Backplane
IPC-6025 5-slot Desktop/Wallmount Chassis with Scalability for Multi-system Solution
IPC-631 4U Front I/O Short Depth Rackmount Chassis for ATX/MicroATX Motherboard
IPC-644 4-Slot Compact IPC Chassis
IPC-6606 6-slot IPC Chassis
IPC-6608 8-Slot IPC Chassis
IPC-6806 6-slot Desktop/Wallmount Chassis with 1U Power Supply
IPC-6806WH 6-slot IPC Chassis
IPC-6908 8-slot Fault-resilient IPC Chassis
IPC-7120 Desktop/Wallmount Chassis with front I/O Interfaces for ATX/mATX Motherboard
IPC-7130 Desktop/Wallmount Chassis with Dual SAS/SATA HDD Trays for ATX/MicroATX Motherboard
IPC-7132 Cost-effective Wallmount Chassis for ATX/mATX Motherboard and 10 slot Backplane
IPC-7143 Desktop/Wallmount Chassis with Mobile SATA HDD Trays & Bottom Accessible I/O Interfaces
IPC-7220 Desktop/Wall Mountable Chassis for ATX Motherboard