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ADAM-4068 8-ch Relay Output Module with Modbus®
ADAM-4050 Digital I/O Module
ADAM-4051_ 16-ch Isolated Digital Input Module with Modbus®
ADAM-4052 Isolated Digital Input Module
ADAM-4053 16-channel Digital Input Module
ADAM-4055 16-channel Isolated Digital I/O w/LED Module
ADAM-4056S 12-channel Sink Type Isolated Digital Output Module
ADAM-4056SO 12-channel Source Type Isolated Digital Output Module
ADAM-4060 Relay Output Module
ADAM-4069 8-channel Power Relay Output Module with Modbus
ADAM-4168 Relay Output Module
ADAM-5056 16-channel Digital Output Module
IA-3123-5 Isolated RS-485, 64-ch Digital Input, IA-3000 Daisy-Chain Series