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ADAM-4011-D T/C Input Module with LED Display RS-422/485
ADAM-4012 Analog Input Module
ADAM-4013 Analog RTD Input Module
ADAM-4015 6-Channel RTD Module
ADAM-4015T 6-channel Thermistor Module with Modbus
ADAM-4016 Strain Gauge Input Module
ADAM-4017 8-channel Analog Input Module
ADAM-4017+ 8-channel Analog Input Module
ADAM-4018 8-channel Thermocouple Input Module
ADAM-4018+ 8-channel Thermocouple Input Module with Modbus
ADAM-4018M 8-channel Analog Input Data Logger
ADAM-4019 8-Channel Universal Analog Input Module
ADAM-4019+ 8-channel Universal Analog Input Module
ADAM-4022T Serial Base Dual Loop PI D Controller
ADAM-4117 8-channel Analog Input Module
ADAM-4118 Robust 8-ch Thermocouple Input Module with Modbus®
ADAM-4150 Digital I/O Module
ADAM-4500-GA Analog Mirror Communication Controller
ADAM-4500-GD Digital Mirror Communication Controller
BAS-4022T Information Dual Loop PID Controller for Building Automation