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FC-1204-U 4 Digital Inputs, 4 Relays, USB Controlled
IA-1622 2 Relays, 2 Digital Inputs USB Controlled Module
IA-2017-U/12V 16 channels, USB Relay Controller External 12VDC Powered
IA-2104-U USB, 4-ch SPDT 8Amp Relay Controller, USB powered and controlled
IA-2115-U 8 Isolated Inputs, 8 Relays, USB Controlled Module
IA-2116-U 16 Relays,Description, USB Controlled Module
IA-2117 16-ch Relay 2Amp @ 30VDC, 3-ch Digital Input, USB Controlled Module
IA-2121-U 1 Single Relay 30Amp, 2-ch Isolated Digital Inputs, USB Controlled Module
IA-2540-U 2-ch Analog Input,2-ch Relay,USB
IA-3116-U2i-P 16-ch Relay, 16-ch Isolated Digital Inputs, Pluggable Connectors, USB or RS-232 Controlled
IA-3118-U2i 16-ch Relay, 16-ch Digital Inputs, USB or RS-232 Controlled, IA Daisy-Chain Series
IA-3127 - U 24-ch Relay, 24-ch Digital Input, USB Controlled
IA-3128 24-ch Relay,24-ch Isolated Digital Inputs,USB Controlled, IA Dazy-Chain Series
IA-3128S-U2i 24-ch Relay, 24-ch Isolated Digital Inputs, USB Controlled Module
IA-3131-U2i 32-ch Relay, USB or RS-232 Controlled, IA Daisy-Chain Series
IA-3131-U2i-P Pluggable, 32-ch, 2 Amp Relay, USB and RS-232 Controlled, IA Daisy-Chain
IA-3133L-U USB, 32 Relays Multiplexer Board, Muti-Drop enabled.
IA-3133-U2i Dual / Quad Pole, 32-ch Multiplexer, USB or RS-232 Controlled
IA-3134-U2i-P 16 channels DPDT Relay USB or RS-232 Controlled IA Daisy Chain Series
IA-3137-U USB, 16-ch 16Amp Power Relays Controller
IA-3138-U2I 16-ch Relay USB and RS-232 Controlled
IA-3157-U 24 relays,1 Isollated Input,USB Controlled,IA Dazy-Chain Series
IA-3157-U2i 24 relays, 1 Isollated Input, USB and COM Controlled, IA Daisy-Chain Series
IA-3158-U 24-ch Relays, USB Control, Multi-Drop Series
IA-3172-U2i-P 64 channels, Power Relay Controller USB & RS-232 Controlled
IA-3174-U2 32-ch DPDT Relay Controller, USB or RS-232 Controlled, IA Daisy-Chain Series
IA-3178-U2i 32-ch Relay, USB or RS-232 Controlled, Multi-Drop Series
IA-3304-U USB, 4-ch Relay Controller, 4 Isolated Inputs.
IA-3340-U 2-ch Analog Input, 2-ch Relay USB Powered and Control
IA-3741-U 4-20mA, Up/Down, Loop Controller
IA-4131-U2i-P 32 Channels 5Amp Relay USB and RS-232 Controlled, Pluggable Terminal Blocks, IA Daisy-Chain Series
USB-5856 32-ch Isolated Digital Input and 32-ch Isolated Digital Output USB 3.0 I/O module