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8-ch, 16-bit Counter/Timer, FRQ Measure, FRQ Gen, PWM Out, etc.

Main Features
8 independent 16-bit counters
8 programmable clock source
8 digital TTL outputs and 8 digital TTL inputs
Up to 20 MHz input frequency
Multiple counter clock source selectable
Counter output programmable
Counter gate function
Flexible interrupt source select
Board ID

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The PCI-1780 is a general purpose multiple channel counter/timer card forthe PCI bus. It targets the AM9513 to implement the counter/timer function by CPLD. Plus, it provides eight 16-bit counter channels and 8 digital outputs and 8 digital inputs. Advantech has designed in owerful counter functions to fulfill your industrial or laboratory applications. Flexible Counter Modes The PCI-1780 features up to 12 programmable counter modes, to provide one shot output, PWM output, periodic interrupt output, time-delay output, and to measure the frequency and the pulse width. The PCI-1780 is an ideal solution for variant counter/timer applications. Special Shielded Cable for Noise Reduction The PCL-10168 shielded cable is specially designed for the PCI-1780 for reducing noise. Its wires are all twisted pairs, and the input signals and output signals are separately shielded, providing minimal cross talk between signals and the best protection against EMI/EMC problems. Board ID The PCI-1780 has a built-in DIP switch that helps define each card’s ID when multiple PCI-1780 cards have been installed on the same PC chassis. The board ID setting function is very useful when users build their system with multiple PCI-1780 cards. With correct Board ID settings, you can easily identify and access each card during hardware configuration and software programming. Plug-and-play Function The PCI-1780 is a Plug-and-Play device, which fully complies with PCI Specification Rev 2.2. During card installation, there is no need to set jumpers or DIP switches. Instead, all bus-related configurations such as base I/O address and interrupt are automatically done by the Plug-and-Play function.
    Event counting
    One shot output
    Programmable frequency output
    Frequency measurement
    Pulse width measurement
    PWM output
    Periodic interrupt generation
    Time-delay generation
    Channels:8 (independent)
    Programmable Clock Source:8 independent
    Programmable Counter Modes:12
    Max. Frequency:20 MHz
    Interrput source:8 counter outputs
    Input Channels:8
    Input Voltage:Low: 0.8 V max.
    Input Voltage:High: 2.4 V min.
    Intrerrput source:Channel 0
    Output Channels:8
    Output Voltage:Low: 0.5 V max. @ 24 mA (sink)
    Output Voltage:High: 2.4 V min. @ -15 mA (source)
    I/O Connector Type:68-pin SCSI-II female
    Dimentions:175mm x 100 mm (6.9" x 3.9")
    Power Consumption:Typical: +5 V @ 900 mA
    Power Consumption:Max. +5 V @ 1.2A
    Tempertute:Operation: 0 ~ 60° (32 ~ 140° F) (refer to IEC 68-2-1, 2)
    Tempertute:Storage: -20 ~ 70° C (-4 ~ 158 °F)
    Relative Humidity:5 ~ 95% RH non-condensing (refer to IEC 68-2-3)
    Certification:CE Certified
    PCI-1780:: 8-channel Counter/Timer Card
    PCL-10168:: 68-pin SCSI-II cable with male connectors on both ends and special shielding for noise reduction, 1 and 2 m
    ADAM-3968:: 68-pin SCSI-II Wiring Terminal Board for DIN-rail mounting


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