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HMI Motion Control Software for Windows (9x/NT)

Main Features
HMI Graphic User Interface
Scripting Ability
Supports 3 Limit Lines Per Motor for Auto Positioning
24 Inputs and 24 digital outputs
Up to 16 Motors Control
Linear and Circular Interpolation

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The MotoRunner software provides a graphic user interface for controlling motion control products. It gives control over up to 16 motors and 48 IO lines. It supports 3 positioning inputs per motor channel/axis, and keeps track on each motor's position. The MotoRunner features 4 move methods (such as Relative Move, Absolute Move) and 3 speed "gears". Using the easy to use point and click method, you can easily configure the speed and acceleration of each motor independently. You can perform complex linear and circular interpolation moves, just fill the needed parameters and click GO. Another great feature is the Scripting ability. Write and Execute any script with the easy to use scripting language to perform any combination of movements, conditioning and looping that meets your systems needs in minutes!
    Robot Control
    XY Tables Control
    Any other motion control application
    Quick Rotate
    Zero Set with Offset support
    24 Digital Inputs
    24 Digital Outputs
    Up to 16 Motor Channels
    Scripting Ability (with debugger)
    Linear and Circular Interpolation
    3 Limit Switch Input Lines Per Motor Channel
    MotoRunner: FREE! Bundled with Motion Control Hardware (PMC-53100 and PMC-54200)


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