AStudio SCADA software is implemented in the PCB factory

Project Introduction:

Due to its powerful, integrated collection of automation tools, Advantech Studio is chosen as the SCADA software in a factory automation system. Integrated with ADAM-6017 Analog Input Module and ADAM-4571 Ethernet Data Gateway, Advantech Studio retrieves real-time data from field equipment and PLC devices. Factory staff can easily access information through the Ethernet.

System Requirements:

Because various brands of independent PLC systems were used, the customer wanted to build an integrated monitoring system without replacing any existing systems. The most-recommended network solution for data sharing and exchange is an Ethernet network. A web-enabled monitoring system should allow staff to access real-time data from on-site equipment anywhere, anytime. To run an operation without interruption, a redundant operating system is required.

Project Implementation:

The following is a complete list of all Advantech products used in this project.

  • Advantech Studio SCADA software

  • ADAM-6017 Analog Input Module

  • ADAM-4571 Ethernet Data Gateway

  • System Diagram:

    System Description:
    Using ADAM-6017 Analog Input Modules, data from the PCB lamination press, the drilling machine and the oven are collected and sent directly to the main server through the Ethernet. Other factory equipment, such as exposure systems, are independently controlled by PLCs using serial communication ports. However, the factory is designed for an Ethernet environment. To retrieve data from many independent systems, an ADAM-4571 module can work as a serial cable to Ethernet converter. Using Advantech Studio software, staff can access system information through the two workstations promptly and easily, and stay informed about the current on-site operating situation.


    Most factory equipment is PLC-based and uses serial communication ports. These are usually independent systems. Through the ADAM-4571 gateway, data can be transmitted to the main server via the Ethernet. Two workstations with Advantech Studio SCADA Servers form a powerful, integrated system that can easily display real-time dynamic information, such as animated graphics, trends, alarms, reports, and recipes through internet or intranet browsers. In addition, this web-enabled software offers Server and Client Versions in one package without extra costs. With software installed on the workstation only, staff can easily access real-time data or reports from local PCs anywhere, anytime. In addition, these two workstations work as redundant systems to relay data to the main server without interruption. If one workstation is down, the other will back up the entire system in real time. Using Advantech Studio software with ADAM-4571 and ADAM-6017 modules produces a cost-effective solution without the need to change existing equipment.