Power Management Systems
Integrated Solutions for Power Management Systems

Project Introduction:

Since 2004, the energy free-market has been open to all non-domestic suppliers. This offers great opportunities for Embedded Monitoring and Control SCADA Systems based on Windows XP Embedded platforms. In light of this, HP Italy decided to setup a reliable power management system to control and monitor energy consumption, targeted at saving them millions of dollars annually. Integrated with Advantech's control and I/O modules, IOTA has set up a total solution in Milan's HP Italy demo room.

System Requirements:

Large companies, such as Telecommunications Providers, Industrial Foundries, and companies with high electrical demands, may now get economical advantages from monitoring, planning and provisioning their electric consumption, and using information for real-time trading in the energy free-market. It is very important to have specialty know-how in three different applied fields to develop this integrated project: Energy Market Trading, Expert Systems for Planning and Provisioning, and Process Control and Identification. For Process Control and Identification, IOTA has chosen an Embedded SCADA solution, with Advantech control and I/O modules, and 3rd party equipment for Power Monitoring and Building/Factory Automation field level interfaces.

Project Implementation:

  • UNO-2160: Celeron 400, 256MB SDRAM, 2xLAN, 2xRS232, 2xRS485, 2xUSB, 1xPCMCIA

  • FPM-3170: Industrial 17ˇ¨ flat panel monitor with resistive touchscreen

  • ADAM-6520: 5-port Industrial 10/100M Ethernet Switch

  • ADAM-4051: 16-channel Isolated Digital Input Module Modbus

  • ADAM-4068: 8-channel Relay Output Module Modbus

  • ADAM-4017+: 8-channel Analog Input Module Modbus

  • C.I.PRO. Rtu System: embedded SCADA software

  • 3rd party modules

System Description:

Installed with IOTA's C.I.PRO. SCADA software, the UNO-2160 becomes an Rtu platform to control and monitor field equipment data. UNO-2160 further solidifies itself as an excellent remote manager due to the ease in which it connects to GSM/GPRS modems and other optional satellite networks. Additionally, Advantechˇ¦s ADAM-4000 series, ADAM-6000 series, and FPM series are the best solutions for I/O, COM and HMI interfaces. Because UNO is an open platform, there are no issues when connecting to 3rd party products. 3rd party modules are used for power analysis via Modbus through RS-232 or RS-485. Operators can remotely control and monitor the entire system via HP Tablet PC's installed with C.I.PRO. SCADA software.


Through the use of Advantech's products, it became possible to develop different solutions with the least encumbrance, and lowest power consumption, while fulfilling diverse interface requirements. UNO's open architecture made it easy to integrate additional 3rd party products, and the UNO series is excellent as a remote monitoring system because it easily connects with GSM/GPRS modems. Moreover, this solution allows for easy implementation and integration with other supervisory and control facilities.

The benefits obtained from the Power Management Solution are immediately visible through excellent economic savings in power costs, which allows a break-even point in less than two years.